Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Daily updates via phone - Day 106

Just ended driving and today's instructor need to chill abit lor omg. Early morning he so angsty and anyhow scold me wtf. Cannot leh. I think he needs to relax and be happy, early morning so angsty not good. First time gotten this instructor though, hope I won't get him again please! #prayhard #prayharder

Now it's only 9am++ and I'm making my way to Cleo Hair & Make to do my hair! But before that I think I'll go have breakfast first. So hungry, if not cut hair later I'll faint. #notkuazhangokay

Omg finally reached The Central and gonna grab some food!

Ordered this Hollandaise Breakfast Chicken burger instead of Breakfast Egg Benny (which I had it the other time and love it!) because I want to eat some Hollandaise sauce lolololol! But end up don't even have the sauce inside? Maybe have lah, but I think like only 3 drops? No taste of Hollandaise sauce at all.

Quite sian because I don't really like the chicken patty, I knew it before I gonna order but I was blinded by the Hollandaise sauce. Hahahahaha! As what they say, love is blind okay!

Over at Cleo Hair & Make now and Ai is gonna wash my hair for me now! Very rare that she will wanna wash my hair first before cutting, I think is because my hair is very rough and dry because I didn't managed to wash it last night and this morning was too rush so I didn't wash my hair also hahahaha! #lovethemassage

Yay gonna cut my hair now! Going to be short because I'm going back to ICT next Monday! Which because of that I've to give up a fully sponsored trip to Korea! Sigh! Okay, more on that next time. I can totally rant a whole post on that lah!

Had like a HTHT session with my stylist Ai while she's cutting my hair, since @sammsees jiejie is not here today. I think sometimes she don't get what I mean and yet she pretend to understand lor. But I never expose her only hahaha. I very nice right hahaha! I think I training her well to understand English more okay! I very nice to her one!

Doing hair treatment now!

Eh seriously? If you wanna work in service industry, then you jolly well be polite and be friendly to customers? I don't understand why some people want to give a black face, if like some of the days like this it's fine lah, maybe you have your bad day... BUT if forever you are black face and think you are a diva then maybe you shouldn't work in this industry? Cause you will totally spoil people's mood! Especially when you are a receptionist?

Drying hair! Gonna be done soon! After this I'm going to Tanjong Pagar for lunch!

Took a picture with my hair stylist, Ai, before I leave for lunch! Just posted it on Instagram too hahaha! Thank you Ai-San!

Lunch over at Tanjong Pagar!

The unagi is so delicious!!! I love unagi omg. I can eat it everyday if I can eh! Same goes to kimchi also! Hahaha! Major love! Haha!

Chilling at some cafe for awhile (like 30mins) before my next appointment at IDS Clinic, getting some drinks now!

So cute the deco!

#nofilter #noedit

Went IDS Clinic after that and Dr Tan wanted to help me extract out all the clogged oils! Now my face is all filled with red marks, like whole face quite red with dots all over hahaha. How to go movie premiere later ah! But I'm so thankful that they are taking care of my face, I mean seriously... my face condition improved a lot! More updates on that soon k!

Met up with Isaac as I asked him along for #TheOtherWoman movie premiere!!! Omg I'm super excited for the show, because Nicki Minaj cameo in it!!! I can't wait to see her on big screen! #notreallyafanboy #maybejustalittlebit Anyway, we are having dinner before the show starts! Not really hungry!

My dinner! Some soupy noodles with loads of ingredients inside! Quite yummy!

Yay!!! Time to watch #TheOtherWoman movie premiere!!! Thanks for the invite!!! I'm so excited hahahaha!!!!

So the movie is pretty good omgz. I was like so excited when Nicki Minaj came out hahahaha! Now I'm on my way back home. Seriously, I wanted to cab because of my face but end up I took public transport instead. Actually it's not say very serious (I mean my face) but it's quite serious to me leh. So yeah. Can't wait to go back home and talk to @randyys later!


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Making Mac and Cheese

Was at home alone the other day with Ran on a Saturday night and fyi it's pretty common for us to be home on weekends because we kinda hate to head out on weekends due to the crowd. So we were thinking of what to have for dinner and we are very sick of the food downstairs our coffee shop already.

I think it happens to almost all of us eh, sometimes we want to eat because we are hungry but yet.... we don't feel like going downstairs our house to buy food because we don't know what to eat or don't feel like eating the stuff there anymore ahahaha. #firstworldproblem #toomuch #suddenspamofhashtag

Then I was thinking that we can cook something for dinner instead of going downstairs to buy food and I saw this 2 boxes of Macaroni and Cheese that I bought when I went late night shopping at Mustafa with Isaac, Taiwei and Zj that day! So I decided to cook it with Ran because we are brothers, and brothers who love each other will cook together HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA omggggggggz!!!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

Anyway, guses how much does each box of this Mac and Cheese cost??????????

It's only $1 per box because it's on sales!!!!!! WHY SO CHEAP AH.

Omg I think Mustafa always have great steal please, no wonder everyone love to go there. End up all of us bought it because it's way too cheap NOT to buy it. But later we found out the main reason for selling it so cheap is because it's going to expire soon, but it doesn't matter hello. Not like we are going to buy and store it and wait to eat it next year or something. The fragrance there are also all very cheap, you all can go there to buy! I think that time I saw the Justin Bieber or One Direction perfume at like what, $30 only wtf.

Isaac was very tempted to buy Lady Gaga one too cause it's also very cheap lol. But why they don't have Nicki Minaj one ah. If not I don't need to trouble all my friends to get it for me from overseas already!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

Okay, back to cooking Mac and Cheese......
So we just need to pour all the macaroni into a pot of boiling water!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

And boil it until it's cooked!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

Then we drain the water off then put it back to the pot again!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

This time round, don't need to add water, but instead add milk!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

And also butter (I love the taste of butter as compared to margarine) and cheese!!!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

Then slowly stir it and mixed everything well! Anyway, the cheese is included in the box but if you are cooking it yourself from scratch, you can just go outside and buy the cheese from supermarket.

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

It's done!!!!! Yay!!! So super yellow and cheesy!!

SAM_76Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe81

Tadah!!! Simple "homemade" Mac and Cheese!! Hahaha!!
Actually it should be considered as instant Mac and Cheese lolol!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

End up it's way too much, so we didn't managed to eat finish too hahaha!
Do you guys love Mac and Cheese too? :D


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Lightning Cherry

Sponsored Advertorial

Yay so happy because I've been wearing new tops and carrying a new bag out recently! :D

Hahaha! I know right, very easy for me to feel happy and contented lol! Anyway, thanks Lightning Cherry for sending me some of their awesome stuff, which I'm gonna show you all in this entry! Yes, and I absolutely love how their online store cater not just to the male or female, but to both! I also love their effort in bringing in unique designs with limited quantity so all of us can enjoy the exclusivity! 1

My outfit that I wore to Cleo Hair & Make opening! Wearing their Blue Fabian Polo Tee together with my mustard shorts, camper shoes and carrying a drawstring bag which is from them too!

lightning cherry top 2-2

I love how the Blue Fabian Polo Tee can easily matched with shorts or even jeans/long pants! Anyway, I don't usually wear my socks this way, but I thought it might look good for pictures... so I did lol!

Love this picture! Y_Y

lightning cherry top 2-1

Close up of the Blue Fabian Polo Tee, the pocket is suede one!

lightning cherry bag 3

Full close up of the outfit together with their latest design of drawstring bag!

lightning cherry bag 4

I love the drawstring bag because it can actually allow me to put a lot of things inside omg!

lightning cherry bag 5

The design that I chosen among the tons of pretty design that they carry!
You can go check all of them out here! ^_^

lightning cherry bag 2

When carrying it like a bag pack..... but there are a lot of ways to carry the drawstring bag though, not just this way, which you can all see from all the previous pictures lah! Hahaha very good hor!

lightning cherry bag 1

And apart from daily use, I think it's really suitable to bring for picnic or to swim/beach too!


lightning cherry top 1-6

Next up, wore this Eden Tee the other day when I head down to town to chill!

lightning cherry top 1-5

Matched it with just a simple pair of jeans!

lightning cherry top 1-4

Close up of the Eden Tee!

lightning cherry top 1-3

Another "feeling" shot (touching window panel lololol) with the close up of the tee! Hahaha!

lightning cherry top 1-1

Went to visit Isaac and his friends over at their Grand Park Orchard as they are having stay cation there! And Ran was at town too, so he also visited them and helped me to take even more pictures!

lightning cherry top 1-2

lightning cherry top 1

Yay all the pictures so nice ahahaha! Very happy k!


Anyway, these are some of the other tops from their latest male collection!


And for the ladies, their latest 'Spring Fling' collection is recently launched too!

So if you guys wanna see more designs of their tops, or even their drawstring bags or tote bags (yes, they have it too)... and not forgetting female apperals for the ladies.... do head over to......
(enter the discount code: BEN10 for 10% discount over $30!!)


That's all from me for now! Enjoy your shopping everyone!


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pseudo Korean drama photoshoot + Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash

Omg I was trying to post up this blog post earlier and as I was writing, I wrote something related to about 'we all deserve to be happy" then I started typing and typing until super long wtf. So I decided to put it into another separate post instead, so now it feels like I'm rewriting this entry all over again hahaha!

Anyway I'm out now waiting for Isaac and Esther to meet me for dinner! They wanted to go Hai Di Lao which I just went 2 days back with Flower Girls (which consists of Rachell, Peishi, Ran & Me..... lol yes thats apparently our 'group' name hahaha #dontjudge) to celebrate Jayne's belated birthday! So I don't really wanna go again liao cause I literally just ate it 2 days back hello???? But I think they just die die want to go eat it zzzzzzz. No choice lah no choice! But it's yummy though, just that it's tad expensive!!!

Just ended my driving lesson earlier and tomorrow will be my stage 1 review already! O.O

Omg so fast hor. But so far the lessons were pretty good I feel, and I think I'm starting to love driving more and more! Thanks to all the instructors who are all super nice! The instructor today still wanna force me to go buy breakfast because he know that I haven't had my breakfast, omg why so nice one ah hahaha!

Can't wait to faster finish my driving lessons and get my license soon hahaha! Bff, Ting is also learning at the same time as well and we both aim to get our license by this year. Hopefully can ah! :D

typicalben formal ootd

Dressed up for Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash the other day! How do I look?

typicalben formal outfit

And it seems like everyone love this look on me a lot eh, maybe because I don't usually wear like that out on normal days. Most of the time I'll be in sweaters/pullovers or t-shirt with jeans or shorts!

nuffnang 7th birthday

Photo Booth 1

Took tons of pictures with the Photo Booth which they will print out for us afterwards!

Photo Booth

The reason behind why we are called the #FlowerGirls - HAHAHAHA!

typicalben rachell

With Rachell who is damn cool that day lololol! And omg, some.... or actually most of the pictures for this post is grab from Rachell's blog one hahahahaha! Nooooooo, not that I'm lazy.... U_U

typicalben melissa

With Melissa! This picture is from my camera!


Took loads of group selfie that day too! And these are just a few of them!

typicalben get award

Received a pseudo Nuffnang Blog Award, "Y SO FUNNY LEH" on our #BenRanAway videos!


The cake which doesn't look like a cake omg.

flower girls and jayne

All of us with the always bubbly Jayne!
p/s: check out my pimple which is super obvious here lol

flower girls and jayne 2

Another one! Hahaha! I think Rachell love our #FlowerGirls pose a lot hahahahaha!


Crazy and silly things I do at times! #ILoveBeingMyself


korean drama photoshoot 9

After the birthday bash ended, we stayed for a little longer to take more pictures together! Which all turns out to be very pretty and we say it's like Korean drama photoshoot or something lololol!

korean drama photoshoot 8

Ran look super good here! Pulling open the curtain somemore hahaha!

korean drama photoshoot 7


korean drama photoshoot 6

And now with Peishi holding a white dove lol.

korean drama photoshoot 5

And now with Peishi sitting down and still holding onto the white dove lol.

korean drama photoshoot 1

Me and Rachell as we look like we are up to something no good hahahaha!

korean drama photoshoot

korean drama photoshoot 4

My favourite set of pictures is this!!! Where we were playing inside a cage filled with balloons!

korean drama photoshoot 2

See all of us looked so happy and sorry, I don't know wtf is Peishi doing.

korean drama photoshoot 3

Some things in life just cannot be forced, just like friendship.


Omg I seriously need to use the toilet now but I'm out alone at some cafe over at town and I don't think I can leave my laptop there to go to the toilet. Hate situation like this! And I cannot pack up and go because I still wanna chill here until Isaac and Esther reach! Wanted to ask the person beside to help me look after, but she is sleeping hahahaha! But I think nobody is going to steal cause there is no much people here.

So I'm going to quickly run to the toilet and come back hahahaha! Another new entry will be up in a few hours time, so be sure to check back later at night again! Okay, byeeeee off to toilet! :p